Stainless Steel Parts

DIY store is brewery store is an old hobby brewer saying. In fact, DIY stores are a paradise for do-it-yourselfers, and hobby brewers will often find what they are looking for, especially in the sanitary area. Ball valves are mostly made of nickel-plated brass, T-pieces and angles are made of gunmetal. That may be fine for drinking water and gases, but health-conscious brewers prefer to use stainless steel for wort and other acidic media. Stainless steel parts, however, are either not available in hardware stores, are only available in a sparse selection, or are sinfully overpriced. As always, American hopping helps here! Attention: We use photographs of one article size to display the online articles. Depending on the size ordered, the item delivered may therefore differ from the pictures shown in terms of shape, color or size. The pictures are created with studio light, so the color tone of the photography can also be falsified. This has no influence on the function of the components. Even if several parts are shown: there is always only one or the number of items ordered. The decoration is also not part of the offer.

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