Pot Series "Professional"

Because of request for more variety of brew pots we now introduce the pot series “Professional” in our webshop. These pots are more sturdy than the “AmiHopfen” series – because of thicker walls and the thicker sandwich bottom.

These pots can also be used with cooking in restaurants and withstand the daily use. The “Professional”
are also a great choice for hobbybrewers and not that much more expensive.

Attention:  Brewpot and top must be purchased separately! You can order one or two tops if you like or none if you choose to integrate something custom made.  With tops also we can fulfill special wishes, such as a hydraulic pressed hole.  

The “Professional”
series of pots is made from Stainless steel  1.4301 and can be welded, or also used with weldless products.

If you would like, we can make a hole with a hydraulic press either ½ or ¾ that works with our complete tap sets also available in the website.  Allow 1 extra week if you select this option. 

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