Pot Series "Amihopfen"

The pot series "Amihopfen" is our most popular and best selling series of pots, super quality at a super cheap price. Good for hobbybrewers and small breweries as well.

This brewpot series is made from magnetic stainless steel 1.4016, and has a sandwich bottom and works with both gas and induction heating systems. The material is nickel free and can be used for people who are nickel allergic.  Comes with top and stable grips.

Attention: This material is not so easy to weld, please ask your local professional welder for advice.  We recommend the use of weldless parts for this series of pots.

As a wish we can make a hole 1/2 inch or 3/4 with a hydraulic press.  Add 1 extra week to the shipping time should you order a pot with a hole.  A tap set is also available on the website as a separate purchase.

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